The Brunch Club

Anyone who know me knows that breakfast is my most fave meal of the day. If I had my way we would have breakfast, brunch, brinner, brafter eights, bressert – you get it, I love anything breakfasty.

The idea behind this weekly blog post is to make yourself some delicious brunch (I will feature some of my all time fave breakfast recipes), grab a cup of tea and read my ramblings on the week. This will feature a bit of an update and my musings on the world, eg. things I’ve watched, read, liked, recommend, didn’t like and so on so forth.

This week, Part 1 of things I’ve watched in 2017

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Dective Agency


My boyfriends brother would not shut up about this series, so whilst at a friends house (after one too many glasses of wine) we put this on and seriously, what the hell?! we watched one episode and didnt have a clue what we just witnessed , so put another on and another and nope NO. IDEA. it may have been the wine, it may have been the sheer weirdness of the script but seriously . what the?

I got home and Oli wanted to watch so i decided to give it a go. I am sooo glad that I did. this is an incredibly funny and bizarre series and I actually got what was happening a little better.

Elijah wood plays Todd Brotzman who is basically having the day from hell and ends up becoming a person of interest in a murder. He meets eccentric Dirk Gently who is a holistic detective and a whole bunch of weird events happen. I really don’t want to give anything away but I beg people to watch this and stick it out. Weird and wonderful 🙂

La La Land


So I’m a little late to the party but hey ho.

I knew that I was going to love this film before I saw any trailer or really knew anything about it.

Firstly, Emma Stone is my fave lady. I have never seen her in anything that I didn’t like, she is hilarious and quite frankly one day I would love to be best friends with her.

Secondly, Ryan Gosling is a babe and I have been in love with him since The Notebook (show me one person who hasn’t been) I own his colouring book, he is an incredible actor (you need to watch Half Nelson) and Blue valentine is one of my all time favourite films. They have proved their on screen chemistry is perfect so I knew they would rock it once again.

And finally, This film was written and directed by Damien Chazelle who also wrote and directed one of the best films of 2016, Whiplash (please watch this if you haven’t yet, you will NOT be disappointed). Therefore all of is is a recipe for my perfect film.

So we sat down and I get ALL the feels, the film starts and straight away I just think CRAPPPPPP this is cringe, what the hell have I got myself in for!?! plus I’m with my boyfriend Oli, poor guy!!! The first 30 mins I just want to leave and a couple behind us do. I hate musicals so why the hell did I think I would enjoy this?!

But all of a sudden the story kicks in and I am absolutely mesmerised. Now Oli will tell you, I am the worst at the cinema. I fidget, I’m uncomfortable, I get restless way wah wah, but this film had me hooked! I was glued to my seat, eyes wide open. The magic of this film had me compelled. The colours, the music, the costume, my one true love Gosling, Emma stone being her usual charming self. This film was bloody made for me!!!  Now I know this is going to do well at the oscars because it has all the ingredients for success in their eyes, old school Hollywood vibes, charm but I truly believe this is deserving of any praise it gets. I don’t want to give anything away at all, but this films had me laughing AND crying and It’s been a week now since watching this and I still feel warm and fuzzy about it. What I loved is that Emma isn’t the greatest singer in the world, they aren’t incredible dancers and everything just felt really real, plus the music was just lovely – and for a girl who can’t stand musicals, that is truly saying something.


If you do go and see it please put up with the first half hour, don’t walk out like the old couple because they missed out on a truly beautiful film.

Take The 10


We’ve all been there, scrolling through Netflix spending more time deciding what to watch then what it would to just put a film on and sit there. After scrolling for what felt a lifetime I saw Josh Pecks little face pop up and knew that this would probably be an alright choice. Ever since The Wackness (another of my top films) I have really rated his acting skills and he is also a good looking guy, soooo you know. It also had the lobby boy from The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was a nice surprise.

So this film has had pretty rubbish reviews on IMDB and I’m really surprised as I found it quite entertaining. Yes, the story line was silly but it was quite funny, entertaining and really short.

So basically two best friends work in a dead end job, one guys dream is to go to Brazil and the other is to make it to the music festival that night. Set over one day, as they are trying to sort out their finances they get themselves into all kind of ridiculous situations that just escalate. A lot of drugs, alot of swearing, alot of LOLs. My fave character was the manager of the shop played by a guys face who seems to pop up in everything i watch lately. if you just want some easy watching put this on, dont have high hopes but yeah, i enjoyed it.


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