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Sunday you beautiful bastard, its good to see you again!!!

(So i definitely realise that i am posting this on a Monday, but in my defence i haven’t been in the office since Thursday and all my days have got mixed up so a delay in hitting the post button!)

Ive been lucky enough to have a few days to take before holiday at work runs out, so I have had a long weekend with my fave person. Its been a weekend of chores I’m afraid, but something about spring cleaning really makes me feel cleansed (pretentious sentence, I am aware). You know that good old saying….. “out with the old, rearrange everything, make more space to bring so that its in with the new”!!. As a reward for each chore day, we decided to do cinema trips, so this list will be mainly film orientated.

lets start with where we left things last time…Part 2 of things I’ve watched in 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events


!!! Warning !!! Everything that i am about to say about this series is COMPLETELY bias.

I.LOVE.NEIL.PATRICK.HARRIS  . This guy makes me happy, i have never seen him in anything that i didn’t like (i may have not liked what i was watching but i have always loved the characters he played) and basically in this series he is playing himself but ugly.

To be honest with you, i watched the film of this when i was younger and wasn’t really taken with it, nor have i read the books either. However as soon as i heard they were making this, and the fact that Mr. Lemony Snicket himself was helping produce this… the countdown had begun. let me tell you, this did not disappoint!! this series was funny, dry, dark and everything i needed to keep me hooked. We finished this over the space of a week, thats how much we loved it.

For anyone who has not caught up with this storyline ever, it starts with the three young Boudelairs who’s parents have just been killed in a mysterious fire, they are placed in the care of a distant relative (not distance in milage though) who is just pure evil. roll in NPH. Normally i hate child actors – i have a low patience for terrible acting and annoying kids so therefore i predictably take an instant dislike to these kinds of programmes/films straight away. The children they have acting in this are fantastic!i was surprised to find that my favourite was a cgi baby – two things i actively dislike. What i really loved about this series was the stupidity and ignorance of the adult characters, it really made for some entertaining watching although you find yourself getting constantly frustrated (shout out to Mr.Poe, my fave stupid man).

This series tackles many dark and twisted themes such as murder, fraud and child labour, yet you still find yourself laughing. i must add that visually this is a really great series, the cinematography is spot on and needless to say i was impressed. i really enjoyed the series and cannot wait for season 2. if you need something to watch and want some easy entertainment i recommend this 100%


I have put this off for ages, I knew it had the potential to be ok but meh,

1.Gillian Jacobs is the WORST
as Britta and

2. Paul Rust stars in one of the worst films I’ve ever paid to sit through (here’s to you, i love you Beth Cooper!!)


I can’t remember why we finally decided to put this on, but we did and again, refinished this in the space of a long weekend. Now i don’t really know how to describe this series without giving anything away but basically we have Mickey (Jacobs)who is rude, self absorbed and basically everything you wouldn’t want in a friend and Gus (Rust) who plays your typical needy, geeky guy who is actually quite cool. Both meet when he pays for her coffee when she doesn’t have any money on her and the series follow these two getting to know each other over the course of the year.
I must say that i didn’t really like either of the two main characters, therefore i didn’t really care about what they did to themselves. but i ended up loving all the characters around them – particularly Mickeys Australian flat mate – she is adorable. You can tell this had the Judd Apatow stamp all over it and luckily i love most things with this stamp. It did get quite frustrating in places but on the whole i really really liked this series and season 2 should be quite interesting. Again, if you want some easy watching put this on – be warned you will probably end up identifying with a lot of the bad qualities of the two main characters then have to spend a while working out where you went wrong.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Shout out to all the kids who used to watch this at 6pm on BBC2!!! saw that this has come out on netflix so we have been watching. its still as funny as i remember it and we have bossed our way to season 4 (we are in the new Aunt Viv stage).


The theme tune mostly gets skipped now (yes i know, i love it but jesus it gets annoying), Will Smith is really starting to grate on me now ( i still love him). Yet i am still enjoying every episode, well apart from flashback episodes – heads up season 1 have a flashback episode like 6 in – skip this)

As much as i love every one in this (ok Aunt Viv not you, sit down) Carlton is still my main man!!! i really want a t-shirt with his face on. help

For all those wanting a bit of nostalgia or a good laugh …. put this on. you will not be disappointed!

So this post has proven that i have far too much time on my hands at the moment and I am obsessed with Netflix. if anyone has any good recommendations for series please let me know!!!


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  1. Raviera Palmero says:

    You *know* I watched this! 😀


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