Fly-by stay in Paris

I was fortunate enough to spend a day or two in Paris as part of a business trip however this did mean that I was solely there for work, wah!!!!!! Nonetheless I did manage to take some sneaky pics along the way ANDDD I finally got to go on the roof terrace of Galeries Lafayette – only something I have been dying to do for 7 years. The view did not disappoint, although once there my legs immediately turned to jelly and the wind felt like it was going to whisk me off Mary Poppins style – needless to say I think I only lasted 5 mins up there before real panic set in.

I couldn’t come here and not take a photo of the beautiful ceiling. NO photos did this justice at all and apart from lying on my back in the middle of the store to take a picture I really don’t know how to capture it in all its glory. (This is Paris, no matter how much of a scruff I am, that just isn’t gonna happen in the city of chic and class)

If you want this life sized stuffed bear, it will only cost you 2000 euros. I’ll take two thanks.

One thing i absolutely adore in Paris is the street art and advertisements. I will be doing a separate post on this later (i seem to have lost a lot of my images, once I’ve found them then it will be up). Ive included some of the ones i could find that made me smile.

Also can we just take a moment to appreciate this door, it could quite possibly be the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. look at that bunny!!!

If anyone is wondering, I stayed at the beautiful R.Kipling Hotel which was a 2 minute walk from the Moulin Rouge so it was the perfect location for everything. What’s best is as this was part of the happy culture group they had free wine tasting in the evening, and the hotel next door which is part of the same group had a cocktail evening. Free drinks? Yeah I’m in!!!


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