A Weekend in Liverpool- Day 1

Woohoo a weekend in Liverpool!!

Oli is a HUGE Beatles fan so has obviously wanted to come here for years, me? Meh couldn’t care less but everyone i know who has been here told me how amazing it is! So when he found cheap train tickets i was in – Although i did think that it was going to be one huge Beatles trip so wasn’t that excited

Once we got off the train we knew that we had quite a wait until we could check in at our Air bnb, so for the sake of ease we decided to cross the road and check out some museums.

Our first stop was the Walker art gallery – if I’m being honest art galleries aren’t really my thing! Yes i am an artist BUT i don’t really ‘get’ galleries, i just feel really stupid once I’m there. Anyway this one wasn’t actually that bad, it had a lot of fantastic traditional paintings so if thats your thing i definitely recommend going there (again i don’t really like this stuff. i can appreciate that technically its phenomenal but its not a style i find aesthetically pleasing). There was one floor with more contemporary art which i LOVED. so heres some pictures below.

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They also had some statues which to be honest walking through i really felt like i was going to break everything. We found a statue of Count Olaf and a cute lamb 🙂


On to the World Museum next door and this was the COOLEST museum. I LOVED it!!!!

This museum had ALL the good stuff!! we literally spent hours here, it was a super interactive place and i think this would be a fantastic place to take kids

My favourite part was obviously the dinosaurs and Natural History

There was even live bugs! Although i didn’t particularly love this part.


By the time we were done here the whole day was pretty much gone so we checked into our room and got some dinner. Our room was incredible, we thought that it was just going to be a contained room in someones house but we had the whole attic which was converted into a little flat. I will definitely be going back there.  Anyway a trip to Liverpool wouldn’t have been complete without going to the famous Cavern Club (for those who don’t know this is an incredible underground club where anyone and everyone worth listening to has played). There is a sincere lack of photos from this point on – needless to say, it was a great night and a messy night. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good night out ( Prehaps a birthday away?) to go to Liverpool. EVERYONE was super friendly and super chatty, drinks were pretty cheap and the music and culture just oozes all over the city- you would definitely be onto a winner here!!! 

Day 1 was a complete success and i have already fallen in love with this City.


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